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Technical Translation
04 December 2018

All you ever wanted to know about technical translation (and didn't dare to ask!)

professional translations
25 October 2018

You might not find what you expect but we think it is worth you read on...

12 November 2018

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to import an IATE TBX into TermStar without losing any of the information? In this post, we will explain the steps you need to follow in order to do just this.

Import IATE terminology into TermStar
12 November 2018

Would you like to be able to use the IATE terminology in your terminology management and translation memory tool? Keep on reading, cause we explain the How to. 

05 October 2018

Special celebration of the International Translation Day

13 August 2018

Terminology workflow solution designed to implement DIN EN ISO 18542.

18 April 2018

STAR continues to add language combinations to its solutions portfolio.

29 March 2018

In 2017, STAR Servicios Lingüísticos experienced a 60% increase in revenue for its simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services compared to the previous year.