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Tekom study on terminology management

Successful terminology management

Tekom study on terminology management

Terminology management is still a pending issue in many companies. During the product life cycle, various departments are involved in the naming of components, parts, processes and tools. Research and development, marketing, customer service and technical documentation (technical writing and translation) departments all create terminology for different target groups. However, there is often no coordination between them. The negative consequences of this lack of coordination in naming items are numerous, though the common denominator is the major cost for companies at different stages in the life cycle of the product:

  • Inefficient processes due to misunderstandings between departments
  • Complaints and requests for technical assistance from dissatisfied users unable to understand the confusing technical documentation
  • Translation errors and high review costs
  • Legal issues
  • Poor communication with customers

The second edition of "Erfolgreiches Terminologiemanagement im Unternehmen" (successful terminology management in companies) explains how to avoid these problems. It describes best practices and the tools used for terminology management, covering the following aspects:

  • Terminology, teaching terminology and terminology work
  • Reasons for the terminology work
  • A step-by-step analysis of the costs and benefits
  • The conceptual basis for terminology work in companies
  • Terminology work in practice
  • An example of a cost-benefit analysis
  • The status quo: empirical findings on the terminology work
  • A description of the functions of the terminology tools
  • Data entry and quality assurance
  • A detailed comparison of 17 terminology management tools
  • Examples of terminology management in companies and user testimonials

In short, it is an essential reference for anyone responsible for technical documentation.


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