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STAR Campus - Create and use terminology while translating

Webinar about terminology management in Transit

STAR Campus - Create and use terminology while translating

Terminology is the key to technical translation and therefore it is of upmost importance to manage and maintain it correctly and to have it at hand when needed. This free beginners' webinar explains you how to do it.

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Translation and terminology go hand in hand: On the one hand, when translating, you want to be able to add terminology quickly and easily; on the other hand, new terminology must be available immediately for the translation. The fully integrated nature of Transit and TermStar ensures that you can use new terminology directly and immediately for your translation project. This webinar explains how you can create a dictionary, add terms to the dictionary during translation, and use this dictionary for your translation. Dates

  • May 26, 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (GMT +2:00) Webinar in English
  • May 28, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (GMT +2:00) Webinar in German

Register and participate

The webinar will take place online and is free of charge, although the number of participants is limited. To register, simply send an e-mail to transit@star-group.net

We use the TeamViewer webinar software. Once you have registered, you will receive the login details for accessing and participating in the webinar.

Posts about terminology on this blog

We have already published multiple posts about TermStar, terminology management and terminology work during translation throughout this blog. Here are the ones that specifically deal with the interaction between Transit's translation editor and TermStar and explain how you can use the terminology features during translation:

Enjoy !


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