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Professional translations into English

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*Countries in which English is the official language or is used as the national language or lingua franca. (Source: Wikimedia Commons, User: Iamvered)

Professional translations into English

Since 1999, we have been providing our clients with translations into English. The English language is the most significant world language today, with not just the most speakers worldwide, but of all world languages, it is the one that is most used in cultural, scientific and economic sectors. It is also used in many countries as the lingua franca, commercial, business or academic language. With over 5 million articles, English is the most represented language in Wikipedia, with German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish lagging far behind. English is the mother tongue of around 330 million people worldwide. Estimations of how many people speak English as a second language vary significantly and range from 200 million to 1 billion. In short, if you want to conquer the international market with your products or services, the translation of your technical documentation, Internet presence and marketing materials is essential.

Variants of English

With over 200 million native speakers, American English is the most commonly spoken variant of English, followed by British English (61 million speakers), Canadian (18 million) and Australian (15 million). If you translate into English, it is important to know in which country or region your product or service will be marketed and thus select the appropriate variant of English. Subsequent adaptations from one variant of English to another are considerably more cost-effective, easier and quicker to achieve.

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