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Translation revision

 Translation reviews

With the aim of reducing or spreading costs, translations are often assigned to in-house employees who know the languages required or to distributors in the target markets. Whilst they are familiar with the product, the latter decision has several drawbacks:

  • Lack of translation quality control.
  • The translations and terminology (their linguistic assets) are not centrally managed and, therefore, their potential is not optimised.

We offer the following services for preventing these types of problems:

  • Typographical syntax, grammatical and stylistic revision.
  • Number, units and date format checking.
  • Terminology extraction and terminology consistency checks (see the page on Terminology Management).
  • Creation of a translation style guide.
  • Layout revision.

Not only that, but with our Computer-Assisted Translation tool, Transit NXT, we can align translations previously authored by your organisation and create your own translation memory. Afterwards, we can extract your corporate terminology and create dictionaries of terminology for use in your organisation. This converts your translations into linguistic assets that can be leveraged in future projects.