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The return of investment of terminology management

TermStar NXT ensures a high return on investment (ROI), minimising costs due to the inconsistent use of terminology

To calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a company that installs the TermStar NXT terminology management system, it is enough to assess the costs arising from inconsistent use of terminology and ineffective communication.

Some of the most frequent errors that occur at the different steps of the value chain are:

  • Imprecise communication of design requirements.
  • Incorrect drafting of development specifications.
  • Inconsistent product documentation and translation errors.

These errors can lead to costs arising from:

  • Delays to the development processes and launch times.
  • Improper use of machines, devices and software.
  • Complaints, repairs and technical support.
  • Poor brand image and loss of sales.

Consequently, the ROI is the result of savings obtained from reducing these types of costs.

For companies that sell their products on the international market, proper terminology management is an even greater necessity because these types of mistakes are propagated and multiply with each translation of the product information into another language.