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Information Management System GRIPS wins Innovation Award

GRIPS, the Single Source Content Management System for technical documentation from the STAR Group, was awarded the IT Innovation Award from the medium-sized enterprise initiative at this year’s CeBIT show.

The award is given to innovative and interesting solutions with a particularly high value and functionality for medium-sized enterprises. A high-calibre jury composed of industry experts, scientists and IT writers evaluated the innovative content of the product, as well as its future orientation, impact on profitability and practical suitability for medium-sized enterprises.

GRIPS automatically records, manages and generates suitable information products for each situation and language, and promotes continuous service and product innovation. This allows a company’s technical communications to keep pace with short development cycles, large numbers of product variants and flexible manufacturing with ease. Through “Information 4.0”, GRIPS helps medium-sized enterprises take full advantage of the opportunities of “Industry 4.0”.

“We are particularly honoured to receive this award,” says Matthias Gutknecht, Business Development Manager for STAR. “In 2012, we made the list of top IT service providers for the medium-sized enterprise initiative, and last year one of our customers received the Tekom Documentation Award. The 2015 IT Innovation Award once again confirms that our customers are on the right track for the future with our solutions.”

Fore more information on Information as a Strategic Resource, Semantic Single Source Content Management and other related topics, visit the STAR Group website and go to Products | GRIPS.