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STAR offers a multilingual online platform to support after-sales services

The platform, developed by STAR to manage information for after-sales networks, has become a de facto standard in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Renowned companies such as Hublot, Tag Heuer, IWC and Dior use this platform.

For over 20 years, STAR has been providing customised solutions for managing the spare parts catalogues of some of the most important German and Italian automotive companies. Based on this know-how, initially developed for the automotive industry, the team of software engineers at STAR have created online solutions that are being used by some of the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking companies.


The platform, which is incredibly versatile and fully configurable, adapts to the needs of any manufacturer of complex devices that requires a global distribution network and technical assistance. With strict control of access rights, the system registers the parts that make up each model and graphically presents the breakdown of each item.


For example, what if the distributor would like to know the references of the straps that are compatible with a certain watch model? The application displays them immediately, with information on whether they are in stock and whether the order can be placed.

Repairing old models? The information on compatible parts with discontinued references is easy to access using the features for managing obsolescence.

Do you need to provide support to service centres in a number of countries? Do you need to control the prices per market in your online store? The platform efficiently manages the translation of your content into the target market languages and lets you manage information specific to each market.

Do you have the necessary information for the after-sales network in a variety of file formats, databases and product information systems? Import tools make it easy to upload the necessary information to the platform.

Do you need to distribute maintenance and repair guides or training materials for technicians in an orderly and controlled manner? The system distributes the information in a controlled and secure way, ensuring that the service network has ongoing access to the most up-to-date information.

STAR provides its after-sales network support solutions either by installing them in the client's computer systems or hosting them on STAR's servers (in an SaaS-type offer), with a modular functionality that adapts easily to the needs of each client. From basic but fully functional solutions, at a much lower price than you might imagine, to more complex applications, the development team at STAR is more than happy to analyse your requirements. Please contact us here.

More information is available at https://www.star-group.net/en/services/tailored-system-solutions.html.