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About the Transit NXT Tooltips blog

Blog con consejos para el trabajo diario con Transit NXT y TermStar NXT, las herramientas de traducción asistida y de gestión terminológica de STAR

This blog is about Transit NXT, STAR’s integrated computer assisted translation tool (CAT) and TermStar NXT, the terminology management component of Transit NXT. Other common denominations for this kind of tool are Translation Environment Tool (TEnT) or simply Translation Memory (TM), because the translation memory is one important – if not the most important – feature of these systems. Unlike Machine Translation Engines, CAT tools do not aim to emulate the human translation process and substitute the human translator. They are productivity and quality control tools for human translators that help them to translate faster, and to work in a more structured and consistent manner. Computer assisted translation technology has revolutionized the translation world, and has contributed immensely to promote international communication and trade. One could say that translators, with the help of computer assisted translation, have paved the way for globalization. Here are the main functionalities of the Translation Environment Tool Transit NXT:

  • Project management - In Transit, every translation is a project with certain parameters like language combinations, dictionaries and translation memories to be used, etc. These parameters are stored in a project definition file and once they are defined they can be reused over and over again. 
  • Bidirectional filters - Transit NXT comes with a set of filters that allow the tool to import files from a huge variety of different formats, basically all the formats that are used nowadays for the creation of content: MS Office, Adobe Indesign, Adobe FrameMaker, SGML, HTML, XML, RC files, DLL files, etc. You name it, Transit has it. Another big plus: the filters can be tuned to adequately process custom formats (e.g. Excel files with text that has HTML tags in it) or you can even create your own customized filters.
  • The translation memory - The module of the system that stores translations and allows you to reuse these translations (leverage them) in an automatic or semi-automatic fashion.
  • The translation editor - The heart of the Translation Environment Tool, the workbench of the translator, so to say. Think of a word processor, only with a host of useful functions that boost your productivity when translating.
  • The terminology management tool - TermStar NXT, the terminology management application is part of the Transit NXT package. It allows you to create electronic dictionaries and use them during the translation work and for quality control routines. 
  • The alignment tool - The alignment tool is a module of Transit NXT that allows you to align translations (for example, an English source file and its Spanish translation). The aligned files can then be used as a translation memory.
  • The resource editor - Transit can import software resources in different formats and has specific functions for the translation of these software resources. You can control the length of strings, redimension graphic user interface elements like buttons and dialog windows etc. 
  • The Subtitle editor - Transit NXT offers the option to translate subtitles for films, corporate videos and presentations in SubRip, Text and WebVTT format.
  • Quality control - Transit NXT has a host of different functionalities that allow you to control the quality before, during and after the translation process: segmentation and abbreviation control, spell-checking, number and number format as well as date format controls, integrity of the text, correct usage of terminology and a long list of etceteras.

A tool designed by translators for translators, Transit was the first integrated CAT tool ever.  It has been around for almost 30 years, is used by thousands of translators, project managers, terminologists and localization experts around the globe and has been continuously improved and enhanced based on the expertise and experience of these professional users.

This blog is dedicated to all these users. It aims to share with the community of users tips and tricks which might help solve a specific issue or that will deepen the users’ general knowledge of Transit/TermStar NXT as well as increase their awareness of the capabilities the tool has.