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New file formats with Transit NXT Service Pack 9

New file formats in Transit NXT

New file formats with Transit NXT Service Pack 9

Crucial information for project managers and freelance translators working with a Transit NXT Freelance Pro or Transit NXT Professional version: new file formats supported by SP9!

With Transit NXT, you can already translate files from numerous sources, but with the new Service Pack, you can translate even more file formats. Support has been added for the following formats:

1. More versions of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2016 is the current version of the Microsoft Office Suite and Transit NXT now adds support for this latest version of Microsoft Office. This means that you no longer have to convert your latest Microsoft Office files into previous versions for translating them in Transit NXT. With Service Pack 9, you can directly translate Word 2016, Excel 2016 and PowerPoint 2016 files. 

Takeaways: Transit NXT now supports files from Word 95 to Word 2016, Excel 97 to Excel 2016 and PowerPoint 97 to PowerPoint 2016. For all these versions, you can automatically generate PDFs for the integrated PDF display in Transit, preview your translated, target language Word documents directly in the Transit editor and also translate text documents, table calculations and presentations in one single project using the MS Office95-2016 filter.

2. More versions of InDesign and FrameMaker

As you are already aware, you can conveniently and efficiently translate DTP documents in Transit NXT using the optional filters for Adobe InDesign and Adobe FrameMaker. With the latest plug-ins for InDesign and FrameMaker, you can also translate files in InDesign CC 2015 and FrameMaker 2015 format. Additionally, you can now use the tried-and-tested Transit NXT functions for Arabic and Hebrew in FrameMaker Projects too.

Takeaways: Transit NXT now supports InDesign CS2 to InDesign CC 2015 (Mac and Windows), FrameMaker 4 to FrameMaker 2015 files. This allows a simple data exchange via the InDesign Gate and FMGate plug-ins. You can use Transit NXT to exchange individual documents, entire InDesign/FrameMaker books or the complete contents of folders as well as automatically generate PDFs for the integrated PDF display in Transit. 

3. More versions of AutoCAD

With the optional filter for AutoCAD, you can already translate CAD drawings conveniently and efficiently in Transit NXT. With Service Pack 9, you can also translate files in AutoCAD 2013 to AutoCAD 2016 format.

Takeaways: Transit NXT now supports AutoCAD R12/AutoCAD R14/AutoCAD 2000 to AutoCAD 2016 files. With this simple data exchange via DXF files, you can benefit from the full scope of functions for CAD translations, correct part and product drawings - thanks to the multilingual terminology support and achieve fast and consistent translation of updated drawings - thanks to the translation memory. With all this in place, no particular expertise for CAD or AutoCAD is required, you just have to translate and Transit NXT will take care of the file formats for you.

4. More versions of Microsoft Visio

With Service Pack 9, you can translate files in Visio 2013 to Visio 2016 formats, which means you can now translate diagrams and flowcharts created with the latest version of Microsoft Visio.

Takeaways: Transit NXT now supports Visio 2002 to Visio 2016 file formats. It is a simple data exchange via VDX files from Visio 2002 to Visio 2010 and a direct import of Visio documents from Visio 2013 and higher versions. With Visio 2013 and higher versions, you can now translate Office documents and Visio diagrams including embedded Visio diagrams in one single project.

This was all about new file formats. To translate files in these formats, use the corresponding filter from the File Type drop-down of the File Type window which you see during the process of creating a new project.  

File Types

More file formats implies less effort before, during and after translation. Project managers can easily benefit from this and use the corresponding filters to import documents directly into Transit NXT, pack projects, send them to the translator, receive translations, unpack translations and export translations to deliver the end product to the client. Transit NXT takes care of all the formatting for you. You just have to import, translate and export!

Do try out these new file formats and filters and let us know your feedback. Do let us know if you want us to come up with a specific post about any of the new or old features of Transit NXT. We will soon be back with our next post about another brand new feature of Transit NXT. Enjoy translating till then!


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