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Process project packages from memoQ in Transit NXT

MemoQ packages in Transit NXT

Process project packages from memoQ in Transit NXT

In this post, we will talk about yet another interesting feature of Transit NXT: Cross-platform project management. With the new Service Pack, you can now use Transit NXT to process, translate and correct memoQ jobs. This means that you can work on projects from multiple platforms with just one CAT tool. Transit NXT already supports processing SDL project packages, but with the new Service Pack, it gets even better.

As a project manager, you can unpack memoQ handoff projects in Transit NXT, repack them as a PPF, send them to the translator for translation, receive the TPF from the translator, review it and deliver it to the client as a memoQ handback project (.mqout). As a translator, you can benefit by this feature by unpacking memoQ projects in Transit NXT, translating them and delivering them back to the client in memoQ file format.

This is a very simple process and requires no additional expertise. Follow these simple steps to process memoQ packages:

  • Select Project > Exchange > (Transit/XLIFF/SDL/MemoQ) > Unpack
  • Transit NXT displays the Unpack Transit project data window. Select Unpack MemoQ handoff package (*.mqout) from the File Name drop-down menu and click on Open as shown in the following figure:

Unpack project

  • Transit NXT now displays the Project name window in which you enter the project details and click on Save
  • The Folders window is then displayed where you select a path to save your project. Click on OK after selecting an appropriate path.
  • Transit NXT then displays the Unpack XLIFF project window displaying the status of the unpacked project. The above steps are summarized in the following figure:

Unpack project process

With this, you have unpacked the memoQ handoff (.mqout) file and thus converted it into a Transit NXT file.

If you are a translator, you can click on Project > Administration > Open language pair and start translating directly. After you are done with the translation, you can pack the translated files back into memoQ handback file format (.mqback) and deliver it to the client. Follow these simple steps in order to do this:

  • Click on Project > Exchange > (Transit/XLIFF/SDL/MemoQ) > Pack translation
  • Now click on Pack file... in the Pack translation window
  • Select Pack MemoQ handback package (.mqback) from the Save as type drop-down in the Pack translation window. Transit NXT will pack your translated files in .mqback format and save it in the location selected by you. The above steps are summarized in the following figure:

Pack translation

As a project manager, you can also forward this project, i.e., repack it in Transit NXT file format (.PPF), send it to the translator, receive the translation back from the translator in Transit NXT file format (.TPF), review it and repack it again in the memoQ handback (.mqback) format for delivery to the client. Click on Project >  Exchange > (Transit/XLIFF/SDL/MemoQ) > Forward in order to forward the project to the translator as shown in the figure below:


After receiving the .TPF file from the translator, unpack the translation, review it and then repack it using the steps described above in order to deliver it to the client in the memoQ handback file format (.mqback).

With the new feature of Transit NXT Service Pack 9, you can therefore not only unpack and work on memoQ files, but you can also improve memoQ pretranslations using your own translation memory, use internal repetitions mode for internal repetitions in memoQ projects and benefit from the tried-and-tested Transit NXT functions even when working on memoQ projects. This removes any kind of dependency on one particular CAT tool for translating and managing projects. Transit NXT serves like an all-in-one CAT tool which lets you work on cross-platform projects.

I hope you find this feature useful. Please do try it out and let us know if you have any feedback. Do let us know if you want us to come up with any particular post. We will soon be back with another feature of the new Service Pack of Transit NXT. Enjoy translating till then!




Enviado por Luis Carranza el Vie, 06/22/2018 - 23:03 responder
After reading the process of working a MemoQ project with Transit, my question is can I send a Transit NXT project and be translated in MemoQ? And what about dictionaries/Glossaries from Transit? Thank you.

Enviado por Michael el Vie, 06/22/2018 - 23:59 responder
Hello Luis, I can only point you to MemoQ and what they have to say about this. According to the following help information you can import a Transit project package and, after translation in MemoQ, export back to Transit NXT format. http://memoq.helpmax.net/en/explanations/exchanging-documents-with-other-tools/star-transit-projects/ I do not know if this works flawlessly though. Regards, Michael

Enviado por Minoru Kobayashi el Lun, 02/15/2021 - 01:39 responder
thank you

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