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Special edition, special edition: The Transit Quick Guide !

Special edition, special edition: The Transit Quick Guide !

Fresh from the print press and a MUST for Transit freshers! There is a new manual available for download from the Download area (Downloads | Transit & TermStar NXT | Technical Documentation) of the STAR Group Website at www.star-group.net. The Transit Quick Guide is available in English and German and features the following content.

  • What is a project package file (PPF)?
  • What is a language pair?
  • How do I unpack the PPF?
  • How do I start work in Transit?
  • Layout of the Transit interface
  • How do I translate in Transit?
  • How can I check the quality of my translation?
  • How do I deliver my translation?

The guide is an excellent introductory read for translators who need guidance with their first steps in Transit NXT. So go ahead and download following the link above or clicking on the image below.

Transit NXT for Beginners

Transit NXT Manual for Beginners

Thanks for dropping in, and enjoy! Special thanks to Karen Ellis for reviewing this post.


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