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Special edition: Transit Service Pack 8 is here!

Transit NXT Service Pack Release Note

Special edition: Transit Service Pack 8 is here!

The new Service Pack of STAR's computer assisted translation memory tool has finally arrived!

Service Pack 8: you talked, we listened

The long-awaited Transit NXT Service Pack 8 has arrived! It comes packed with a host of new features and improvements. For those who have been following our blog for some time, you will see that many of the options that you specifically voted for in the poll we organized in March 2014 have been implemented. Segment compare and Segment history (who translated first, who edited and what changes were made), additional import/export filters, support for additional MT engines, are just some of the options that you voted for.

For translators by translators, but also...

Apart from the poll, there are other channels the many users of Transit – translators, terminologists and localization experts, project managers in translation companies and corporate language management departments – make use of in order to send us their requests for features. You will therefore see new functions and improvements that were not presented in the poll. One of the most difficult tasks is to prioritise the many requests for features and eventually decide which ones will be included in the next Service Pack. Again, the new Service Pack pays tribute to STAR's axiom that Transit is a "tool for translators made by translators". However, at the same time, it is a "tool for project managers made by project managers", as well as a "tool for localizers made by localizers" and so on. You might see where I am going: it is impossible to be everybody's darling, but I am sure that many users will be pleased with what the SP8 has to offer. After all, the changes implemented were requests from the users themselves!

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time! That's why we won't cover all the new features in one blog post. Instead, we will offer you a taster in this article and will present them one by one in subsequent, easy-to-digest posts.

What's new in Transit NXT Service Pack 8

Transit's translation editor

Several new functions will improve Search and Replace operations as well as Segment Filtering and Navigation.

Quality Assurance

The checking configurations can now be saved and thus reused.

Revision history - tracking changes

With Service Pack 8, you will be able to track the changes that have been applied to segments and reverse them, etc.

Machine Translation

Transit now supports the following MT engines: Asia Online, Google Translate, iTranslate4.eu, Microsoft Translator, MyMemory, STAR Moses and Systran.

Additional file types

Office 2013, InDesign CC 2014, FrameMaker 12, WebVTT, SDLPPX.

Project exchange

Added flexibility and efficiency, even less translation effort required for PPX, XLIFF, and SDLPPX.


Additional options for dictionary management, higher quality through improved duplicate control.

Additional working languages

Eight more languages and language variants.

As always: the new Service Pack comes free of charge

Remember that most of the new features and improvements of the "new version of Transit" are free of charge, so don't waste any time in downloading the SP8 from the link below.

Thank your for reading, we hope the information we provide is useful for you. Make sure you visit us regularly to see all the new features covered in detail, one bite at a time.

You can download the new Transit NXT Service Pack 8, Readmes and more information HERE


Enviado por Luis B. Perro el Vie, 02/06/2015 - 10:25 responder
... news so far, gracias for that. Beside the Service Pack information, I' m happy to have learned how to eat an elephant ;-). It's the same as with some Transit features: You'll never know when you'll need it. But IF you need it, it's good to have them.

Enviado por Marta Mabres el Jue, 02/19/2015 - 10:54 responder
Congrats for the new Service Pack. I'd like to download it but the system asks for a passwort I dont know how to get. Any hint for that? Thanks in advance! Marta

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