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Under the hood of Transit NXT Service Pack 8

A look under the hood of Transit NXT

Under the hood of Transit NXT Service Pack 8

The new Service Pack for Transit NXT is doing rounds on the test track and is almost ready for release. We had a look under the hood and were very impressed!

The muscle CAT

SP8 is not out yet, but a preview of what Service Pack 8 has in store for you was presented to a select group of users just last week during the 2014 User Group Meeting held at the STAR headquarters in Switzerland.

Below are some of the new features and improvements that you can expect:

  • Transit's translation editor - several new functions will improve Search and Replace operations as well as Segment Filtering and Navigation.
  • Quality Assurance - the checking configurations can now be saved and thus reused.
  • Quality Assurance - with Service Pack 8 you will be able to track the changes that have been applied to segments, reverse them, etc.
  • Machine Translation: some very popular machine translation systems have been added to those that Transit already supports.
  • Additional file types: Office 2013, InDesign CC 2014, FrameMaker 12, WebVTT, SDLPPX.
  • Project exchange: added flexibility and efficiency, even less translation effort for PPX, XLIFF, and SDLPPX.
  • Terminology: additional options for dictionary management, higher quality through improved duplicate control.
  • Additional working languages: eight more languages and language variants.
  • STAR Corporate Language Management (CLM) interface: even easier and more efficient job handling.

So watch out for the headlines in the coming weeks. As soon as the mechanics have finished the tuning and tweaking, the new Service Pack will be released onto the racetrack, ready for you to get into the driver's seat!