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Advanced Translation Assistant

Transit NXT: from CAT tool to ATA

From CAT tool to ATA: developing a Computer Assisted Translation tool into an Advanced Translation Assistant.

24 Octubre 2018
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Segment comment feature in Transit NXT

Working with segment comments in Transit

Extremely useful for translators and project managers alike, this tooltip explains how to work with the segment comment feature in Transit NXT.

12 Noviembre 2018
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Webinar about computer assisted translation with Transit NXT

Webinar about Translation and Quality Assurance

Free Webinar about features in Transit's translation editor that make life easier for both translators and proofreaders.

27 Septiembre 2018
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Assuring quality: spell checking

Whether you are a translator, a reviewer, or a project manager, you might need to run some automatic quality assurance (QA) checks on the translation after it is completed. Transit NXT performs three kinds of QA: spelling check, terminology check and various format checks. Even if the translation has been carried out very carefully it is advisable to run the QA checks, just to be sure that no errors have slipped through.

13 Noviembre 2018
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Do not miss any final punctuation or trailing spaces when confirming a segment

Welcome to this new tooltip about how to ensure you do not miss any final punctuation or trailing spaces. Segments frequently end in a full stop or some other punctuation mark that has been used as a segmentation point, and there might be a space after the punctuation too. They must be always preserved in the translation but sometimes translators forget to include them in the target segment.

28 Septiembre 2018
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